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We will not impose a state of emergency on security in Nigeria – Minister of Police

Nigerian Minister of Police Affairs Muhammadu Maigari Dingyadi says there is no need to impose a curfew on security in the country.

Minister Dingyadi made the remarks in an interview with BBC Hausa on Thursday, answering questions on why the government has decided to increase the salaries of the country’s police force.

Nigerians have long called for a state of emergency in the north-western states, given the region’s deteriorating security situation due to militant attacks and kidnappings.
He said although Nigeria was a democracy and everyone had the right to have their say, “but we have no plans to destabilize the country on these issues.”

“Whether you make the law wrong or not you want to achieve results. In many places the law is broken in many areas such as education, but you see there is no difference.”
“If there was a law that was not in place, everything that could be done would be done,” said Minister Dingyadi.

He added that the government would take appropriate action without imposing a curfew.
“Then make the law worse and restrict others. I think it did not work out. Just see what needs to be done. And God willing we will do the right thing without putting the law in jeopardy,” he said. hear it.

He also answered the question of whether the country’s security concerns are beyond the control of the police and why are troops being brought in?
He said: “The police are at the forefront of bringing peace and stability to the country, but now because of the large number of them, security forces from other areas are intervening.”

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