How to create a Gmail Account

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Today insha’Allah I will teach you how to open a Gmail Account easily.

As you know I can say that it is necessary to have a Gmail Account if you are using a mobile phone or computer, because there are some things that you will need to meet before you can use a Gmail Account with Android Application and other websites.

Examples The requirements for having a Gmail Account before using it easily on your phone or computer are as follows 👉

Open an Account on any Web page, for example

open youtube channel,

Using Google Drive,

Whatsapp backup,

Gmail inbox,

And many more of these Applications.

First of all when you open a Gmail Account you will log in to your browser where you are browsing on your phone or computer, then go to this address below or search In browser ((Gmail Sign up)) then go to the first link. But you can click this link below it will take you directly to the page where you can open Gmail instead of SUFFERING 👉 CREATE GMAIL ACCOUNT

After you click the Address I put above I Create Gmail Account 👆👆 You will see it open for this page 👇👇

Here’s how to fill out the first page 👆

1- where (first name) you put your Name

2- where (last name) is your father’s name

3- ((username)) you can choose the name you want to use as your Gmail, for example I choose – ((aminuhamza1212@gmail.com)) then you can choose the name you want to get and include the numbers in front of your name you are the only one with the same name

4- (password) enter eight or more passwords that you can use to set up your Gmail account anywhere

5- ((cornfirm)) you will enter the same password below and below (password) to make sure you do not forget it and make sure it is correct, if you differentiate the password from the one that was not entered first they will guess. It is not correct until you have entered the first one, for example – ((password = hamza1234)) – ((cornfirm = hamza1234)) you see, how many of them are the same, you can put yours on both sides.

6- After everything is done, go down and click on the icon below (Next)

Clicking on the next icon will open another page as follows 👇👇

The contents of page 2 are as follows

1- ((phone number)) you can enter your phone number that you are using for security even in the future you forget your password they will ask you to enter this phone number and below when you open the Gmail Account, But it is not necessary If you do not enter your password, leave the number blank as I did. I did not enter the number when I opened it, I kept the password and I did not forget it, if not Your code out there There are 6 codes that will send you to the landline outside this code will show you where to place it there to make sure your country code is not someone else’s.

2- (Recovery email address)) also almost use the same number and phone number give you a choice you can enter the name of a Gmail Account that you know of a close relative or relative or friend because in the future if you forget your password will You can send us the code to change your password by email here and below, you also don’t have to make it possible for me to part with it just like I parted with it, because I told you I know the password and it doesn’t. I have not forgotten it, but advise if there is an email address you know then you can part it with security.

3- ((months)) you will choose the month you were born

4- You will set the date of your birth on the 4th or 15th of the month

5- ((year)) you will enter your year of birth for example 1996 or 1997 every year of your birth you will write in

6- ((Gendar)) you can choose your gender Male or female if you are male then less ((Male)) and if female then female ((Female))

7- When you have completed everything, go to the bottom and click on the (Next) button.

After clicking Next it will open a third page like this 👇 👇👇 look below you will see (I agree) then click

After clicking on the (I agree) icon above it will open another page like this 👇👇👇 you will see Welcome, by your name, meaning you have finished opening your Gmail Account and it opens you can use it at anywhere on the Website Or application you are asked to enter Email Address 👇👇👇

Here are some suggestions on how to use Gmail to open your own YouTube channel. 👇👇👇

Now that you’ve made it easy to open a Gmail Account, don’t forget to get your paperwork, write down your Gmail Account and password and keep it somewhere safe.

The email address I opened in this tutorial is as follows [[aminuhamza1212@gamail.com ((password – ))]]

If you have any questions or want to make any changes to the application or website, you can talk on WhatsApp or call me on this number = +2348105932536

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